Burnout Revenge Graphic Glitch!
Quote:My PC Specification :
Intel Core i3 M540 3.06GHz
RAM 4096 DDR3
Digital Alliance GTX 550Ti 1GB 192 Bit
Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
Samsung Syncmaster 793s CRT Monitor 17' 60Hz 1280x1024

I getting graphic glitch when I change GdSx mode (hard/soft)

Result for hardware : better fps but weird graphic?
[Image: 82780921.jpg]

Result for software : better graphic but weird FPS?
[Image: 64572758.jpg]

or I should change the version of pcsx, change video setting?
please help :o Excl Excl

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I think that your version of Pcsx is not the problem, some games have graphical still hava graphical bugs.

What can help is turning on the Skipdraw Hack.
To turn it on you have to go en the file GSdx that is in C:\Users\"User"\Documents\PCSX2\inis and that the line AllowHacks=0 to AllowHacks=1(If the isn't this line, add it)

After doing that you will open your GS plugin configuration and you will have the option of some hacks. Try using the Skipdraw Hack values between 1-5 and see if the is a result. Post the result here.

Sorry for my English, i'm brazillian

Thank you very much! I get better at Hack 3

[Image: 39651323.jpg]
It works ok but i've got black sky :/ And as for gfx plugin settings u can use dx10 hardware and turn off alpha and offset hack and do not allow 8bit textures cuz they make no difference just leave skipdraw hack to 3 or higher value if u like. Scaling leave on custom not 2x native cuz then u get less fps. In speed hacks set both sliders maximum to the right (value 3 in both) and u get 60fps all time but ***** gfx without sky.
The latest build (svn4791) has this problem fixed without use of skipdraw anymore + no more disappearing arrow walls.

About the black sky, try to pause your game (DON'T pressing esc), get to config -> graphics, then change the renderer to SW, restart race, and reset the graphics renderer to what you like (DX9 is faster in my PC somehow :\)
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Actually DX9 is slower for me, but it has more shine reflection in the cars which is good (more like the original).
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DX9 is slower for me too and as for software rendereing man are u mad? It is the slowest emulation level as the name says it's software so GPU doesnt cooperate with the emulator just direct X libraries do the job and GPU is only maintaining Windows environment ! The point is to use GPU so by chosing Hardware Rendering so dont write stupid posts to enable Software cuz then u have no gfx glitches. Ok u dont have them and u know y? Cuz in that mode there is no post processing effects, antialiasing etc. u got only textures and that's it that's y u dont have glitches cuz those glitches are connected with gfx effects (post process, bump map etc. etc.) !!!!!!!!
Quote:Cuz in that mode there is no post processing effects, antialiasing etc. u got only textures and that's it that's y u dont have glitches cuz those glitches are connected with gfx effects (post process, bump map etc. etc.) !!!!!!!!

Nope, totally wrong. You have all the effects (and in this case more since hardware mode is buggy). The only difference is that it is all rendered using your CPU instead of your GPU and that you can't change the internal resolution. Suggesting software mode in this case is not stupid as you claim, just a matter of preference (and of course if your PC is powerful enough to run at viable speeds while using software rendering)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Haha ***** ! The CPU would have to have 10GHz to run emulated Burnout only by itself in 60FPS constant ! How CPU can provide all gfx effects? It's impossible for it, beside when u launch the game in software mode u dont have this bloom effect and all glossiness on carpaint so its GPU which enables it. Remember old pc games which were running only with usage of CPU and when there was no DirectX ? GPUs were limited cuz they didnt have abilities and libraries to make advanced gfx effects. DirectX provided them to use it and u dont install DX for a CPU but for GPU ! Consider that and learn about how GPU and CPU works or launch some modern pc games in software mode and see how many gfx effects u will lack.
OK let's see how '*****' what I said was one by one.
1) I get 45-60 FPS (depending on opponents on screen) on my Corei5 @ 4,3 Ghz on Burnout 3 ( I bet on revenge too, same engine and all) So us needing 10 Ghz? Yeah, *****.
2) It is NOT impossible for software rendering to render whatever the GPU renders, just slower as I said above. It is pretty obvious you have no idea what you're talking about so maybe some screenshots will be more appropriate for a person like you. First screenshot is software rendering, second is hardware. Notice the blur effect that is missing from hardware rendering and notice how all textures, effects and bloom are all there with software.
SO kid, next time you '*****' someone, make sure you're not the one talking bs first Rolleyes

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