Burnout Revenge Modding, Can anyone help me out?
This not be the typical thread, but I am not sure where else to go. Originally I had asked this question to the Burnout community, and I got no-one who came forward to help me out. Someone did recommend that I post my plan on the PCSX2 forum, so took their advise. I have no one else to help me out, so hopefully I can help from you all.

Burnout Revenge Modified
Since I have both the demo, and beta of Revenge, I wanted to port items  from both the demo version, and the beta version into the final version of the game to get a mix of both, creating this cool mix of, essential, the alpha, and beta versions of the game, but still being completely playable.

So far, I have been able to port over sounds from the demo, and beta, as well as traffic cars from the demo. Also I have pictures of the beta cars in my modified iso: https://imgur.com/a/Y3fdz

The problem is that I am not a master modder, and the modified has still a couple of problems. For example, some cars that I replaced are completely broken, like the Black Racer. Also I want to import all of the maps from the Beta to see if I can get the original TOD, but I don't want to import the unfinished Lone Peak. I was to also make it so that vehicle parts fly off, like in the demo, and beta, but again, I am not sure where that is stored. Possibly also to get the old boost bar texture back as well. Maybe some other aspects as well, but I know there is so much you can do with PS2 games...

The beta release of the modified ISO is here: *snip*
Leave a comment, or message me if you want to help out! If you do provide any help, you will be listed in the credits.

Below is some footage of the current downloadable version of Burnout Revenge Modified if you want to check it out.


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Unfortunately, we can't have URLs linking to modified ISOs for legal reasons, but we'd love to continue seeing your work. Smile

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