Burnout Revenge PAL switching to the wrong resolution for Progressive Scan?
With the PAL version of Burnout Revenge, enabling Progressive Scan will result in PCSX2 showing 640x448 instead of 640x480. I don't have the NTSC version to test, but the NTSC version of Burnout 3 does switch as it should. The PAL versions of neither Burnout 3 nor Burnout Dominator support Progressive Scan. This happens in all backends and with the latest version.

EDIT: Solved, see post #5.

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I probably should have put this in Plugin discussion and support...
I don't think the resolution display is wrong. This is actually a very delicate information and I think rendering wouldn't work if one of the resolution values is not correct. Why do you think it is wrong?

Progressive mode could create new issues. Maybe there is some blur filter on top?
It's possible it is wrong, I don't think progressive modes were ever completely implemented, just some.
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I think I've solved the problem.

The game claims to be running at 480p, but it's actually running at 448p with a 640x32 black bar running along the bottom. When I was playing on console, I thought that empty space was just my TV not liking the resolution, as though the picture wasn't filling the whole screen, but it seems that's meant to be there. I find that to be very strange, but given how stressful the game is on the PS2's hardware, it's kind of understandable that it doesn't run at true 480p.
It's actually a typical PAL thing:
Added black borders and sluggish 50hz update rate. Be grateful if your music is the right speed at least! Wink

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