Burnout Revenge/Vice City Help
Okay, I downloaded this because my friend is going to let me barrow his Disgaea series sometime and I'd like to play them...Anyways, this isn't about that.

I broke my Ps2 some time back and I finally found out about this Emulator, I slide my disk in for Vice City Woah! It loads! plays pretty smooth I'd guess the stars and PS2 Logo thing were kinda laggy, then we get to the Loading Screen, and it doesn't load at all! After a few seconds it starts making this god awful high pitched noise. I've read over and it doesn't seem like this has any fixes to it...

now then, burnout Revenge, another one of my games. I boot it up, it runs, but it's laggy as hell! I dunno if this is my computer specs or the plugin's I'm using. Any help would be appreciated. Kthx. -HaZarD

Oh, if you need me to list any specs or anything ask and I'll edit this original post.

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It could be your PC specs or settings, but we won't know that until you post them for us to see.

Or, sometimes it could be the lack of compatibility with that particular game. Last I every knew, GTA:VC was labeled "Intro" on the Compatibility List (NTSC tested with 0.9.7).
Vice City doesn't work and Burnout Revenge requires a very good GPU.
Disgaea works well though Smile.

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