Burnout Revenge issues
Hello, a few items WRT this game and PCSX2 1.3.1 (from PPA build of October 22):

1) Is there any way to remove the striped display in gsdw-ogl-hw?  if you do a "skipdraw=1" they go away during normal races, but reappear during crash events and slow-motion crash sequences. 

2) Has anyone encountered any issues with the game "hanging" with gsdx-ogl-sw and speedhacks enabled? I noticed random lockups that I *assume* are due to speedhacks but just curious what others have found.

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1. OpenGL supports a lot of settings. HW depth or accurate DATE maybe higher blending accuracy can help.

2. You can verify that by disabling speedhacks... Otherwise please post the full emulog after you observed the problem.
1. Thanks, I tried all of those but none really helped overcome the issue. In the end I just went back to sw mode, added more speedhacks and other accuracy-sacrificing adjustments, and it seems to work ok.

2. Actually the hanging was due to my setting the game to support "Dolby Pro Logic II". When I turned it back to "Stereo" the hanging went away. I'm not sure what caused the hanging though. I'm using SDL with the ALSA API, and I'm aware of issues with SDL, so perhaps that's it - though it could be a bug within PCSX2 itself I guess.

Edit: I spoke too soon. It DOES happen even set to stereo, just not nearly as often. With DPLII the game will run between 1-5 mins and then hang; whereas with stereo, the game wll hang after 15 mins or so. At least that's my experience so far. Bizarre issue, if this is true.
For 1) disable hw depth. And potentially increase the CRC level.
Dolby Pro Logic II -> 5 channel system -> 1-5 min
Stereo -> 2 channel system -> 15 min

Sounds like some memory leak. You don't have mono available which runs for 30 mins, or? Laugh
I pushed a new version of PPA. Could you test it (if it compiles fine).

SDL doesn't support those options. Better keep the default.
Thanks Gregory, I will test with the new PPA soon.

After testing further testing under the older (10/22) PPA yesterday, it appears my hypothesis was incorrect - the sound selection has no impact on crashing. It's difficult to tell because the issue apparently occurs at random intervals - could be within seconds of starting a race, or after 15 minutes of play. That said, I hope the new PPA will produce better results but we'll see.
Be sure to install the debug package so you can have a valuable trace (if crash isn't gone)
To be clearer, the issue is with PCSX2 *hanging*, not crashing. Sorry for any confusion. In any case, I tested the new PCSX2/plugins from the new PPA, and unfortunately it still hangs. I can just let a car sit at the starting line, not hitting "X" to begin the race and leaving the controller alone, and eventually 2-3 seconds of whatever song is playing will skip, and I'll know at that poing PCSX2 has hung. From that point on, inputs no longer work and I have to restart the emulator. Again this is with the audio configured in-game as "Stereo". PCSX2 audio set to "SDL/alsa" of course, with latency at 40. Importantly, I have observed the problem with the "EE Cycle Rate" and "VU Cycle Stealing" hacks turned all the way up to 2 and 3, respectively (though the problem occurred with no other hacks on). I'd like to test without those hacks, but the game runs unbearably slow without them which is a particular problem given the issue may not show for a long time into play.

I'm happy to provide a trace, I assume that's from the "Debug" option at the main PCSX2 drop-down, but how would I capture what you need exactly?

By the way, regarding the hardware issue, I tried disabling hw-depth (I assume you mean disabling "Full Depth Emulation") and set CRC to "Aggressive" but I still get vertical bars on the screen. Help here would be definitely appreciated. I thought the "vertical bars" issue was fixed a long time ago (at least somoene in the BR Wiki entry menioned that), but I guess not.
I think there are some big red letters next to the sliders telling you that these speedhacks can break games. I think you are experiencing that now.

Also other accuracy sacrificing setting? Most of these settings dont create garbage on the screen - instead they will break the game.

If you can not reproduce the issues without speedhacks it is really hard to help you.

In any case it would be nice to see your emulation/core settings and your gsdx settings and the full emulog after the hang occured.

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