Burnout Takedown on a laptop

I would like to run Burnout 3 on a laptop. Which laptop should I buy?
I want to run it at full speed if possible, I don't care about high resolution, HD graphics etc.
If you play the game on your notebook, please post your system specs!

It lags on this config:

ACER Timeline 3820TG
Ati Radeon HD5470
Windows 7 64 Bit
Pcsx2 0.7 Beta

It runs Guitar Hero 1 perfectly with alsomost no lag

Thanks in advance Smile

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The graphics card on Acer is pretty weak. Try reducing the graphics related settings. The i3 350 is a good CPU, but not close enough. The bare minimum for laptop processors is i5 with base speed of 2.5 ghz or more (not the turbo speed). An i7 with 2.8 Ghz will be perfect, but I am not sure how the turbo mode works with PCSX2 (the base speed of common i7 in laptops is around 1.8 Ghz).
You won't run it with any laptop properly. I was barely getting full speed with my E8400 clocked at 3,6 Ghz so it needs a LOT of CPU power. Also it doesn't work very well with PCSX2 yet, some races crash the emulator :/
[Image: newsig.jpg]
yes this game is hard to emulate i have a E8500 clocked at 4,2 Ghz and it STILL doesn't run fullspeed.
also the game has random crashes every now and then but nothing savestates can't handle Tongue .

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