Bust a Move: Dance Summit 2001 [NTSC-J] - Question
Heyy... I thought I would have never been posting on the support forums. I have a question. I read, tested and know that Bust a Move: Dance Summit 2001 [NTSC-J] only goes up to the Intro screen on the PCSX2.

I was wondering, IF it is possible to get the game to run further with the right modifications? Because I just want to know before I go and experiment on the PCSX2 for hours trying to get it to work. xD

Thanks in advance. Smile

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Your best bet? Download the latest public beta (revision 1888) and play around with a few options. If you're going to get the game working with any version of PCSX2, it will likely be that one... That said, if there was a known way to get past the intro for the current release it would likely be in the compatibility guide, or somewhere in the forum (do a forum search for it)
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