Button pressure sensitivity, still no solution?
Hello all,

I want to play the MGS games via PCSX2, but since those rely pretty heavily on pressure sensitive buttons (i.e using CQC in MGS3), has there been any recent solutions to make this possible?

I tried searching the forums and google, but mostly got info that this isn't possible on PCs because of how windows read the buttons as digital inputs instead of analog. I also read something about libusb0 might be able to allow pressure sensitivity but again google didn't help much.

My OS is windows 7 x64. I can either use my Dualshock2 pad via a normal PS2>PC converter I got from amazon or I can use a Dualshock3 controller via MotionJoy's latest drivers which has been really stable so far.

Both DS2 and DS3 have buttons and dpad that are pressure sensitive. Lilypad already has pressure sensitivity option, I just wish that there was a way to enable it for my D2 or DS3 pads..

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pressure sensitivity requires an interface that can allow it.

most DirectInput drivers Do Not support pressure sensitivity, even if the controller itself does, being that DI see's a button press as either on or off when the button is pushed enough to change its raw state.

Xinput DOES NOT support pressure sensitivity period.

the only way to pull off pressure sensitivity is to access the device raw, bypassing any APIs, or by using a driver capable of remapping buttons to axes
Thanks for replying, I was hoping that there would be some driver that can enable such function =(

Anyway, did more digging via google and here's the closest thing that I found to enable pressure sensitivity, it's a combination of hardware adapter (called PsJoyCon) and a software:
Link to product

BTW I'm not advertising this in any way, just trying to find something that would make the pressure sensitive buttons work.

So, do you guys think using such hardware will enable us to play PCSX2 games with pressure sensitive buttons? If anyone has ever used this product (I doubt it, the thing is made in Korea Tongue), please post your thoughts.
i think the dual shock 3 native mode might support it.
So if I installed libusb on my windows 7 x64 (to use DS3 native mode in Lilypad)following this method successfully: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-PS3-Contr...indows-2-0

You think I'll have access to pressure sensitive PS3 buttons (dpad, buttons..etc)? Because that will save me the hassle (and money) of ordering that piece of hardware I mentioned earlier.

Also, does libusb interfere with MotionJoy? Because I've got the latest motionjoy drivers installed on my PC right now.
libusb can work along side motionjoy, but the native mode bypasses the api's and gets the controller info directly, in theory; im not sure how chickenliver implemented it tbh
Same issue I have here. Moreover, I can't instal libusb because of the fact that Libusb is not supported in Win7 X64. Even if it get installed, there will be many compatibility issues and errors, such as, a sudden restart or a BSoD. Also the installation is messy if you make a mistake you might disable the usb drivers leading to a lose the connection in all the USB ports. As a result, a P2 keyboard and mouse or a system restore is needed, in order, to retrieve the control back over usb connection.

I would like to make a suggestion, why don't you sell a controller that work best and optimal on your emulator without forgetting the good quality of course; and you could add the feature to make it work as a PC and PS3 gamepad? I think it's a good business I am sure that I and many others like me would buy it even if it costs more than 70USD. Rather than the cost what else is stopping you? Right know I got Logitech F710 and a wireless DS2 controller for PS2 and been using the RB and LT buttons as the square and circle for MGS the 3rd and 2nd version. I've swapped circle too so that I don't get confuse more than I already am. Despite the fact that it's not being used in the game itself.

I looked at PsJoyCon then I did a research that made me come here. I am also thinking of buying one, but I am not sure of the results and now I am hesitating about buying it since it is more expansive than the DS2 controller itself. If anyone have any idea wither it's working or not please tell me.
I tried to follow the instructions that I mentioned in my earlier post to install libusb on my Win7 64 bit, but got stuck on the part where you had to manually update the drivers, I didn't have this option because I think motionjoy was kind of interfering.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the other thread, now that MGS HD remakes are confirmed for PS3, I totally lost any interest for trying to play 'em via PCSX2. Can't really think of many other games that interest me and heavily rely on pressure sensitivity.
For what it is worthing. I did some work in the linux pad (for the moment in the svn branch linux-gsopen2) and I implement some pressure sensibility emulation (not sure it is working actually). The supported button are square, triangle, cross, circle, L1, L2, R1, R2.

I've always been curious why the XInput stuff doesn't read the triggers as pressure sensitive. The XInput API does expose the triggers as varying values between 0 and 255 corresponding to how far the trigger is pressed. If any developer is interested it's XINPUT_GAMEPAD bLeftTrigger and bRightTrigger.
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