Button remapping problem
I'm using PCSX2 1.4.0 and Lilypad is a little weird when it comes to button remapping.  Maybe I'm using it wrong.  This is the first time I've had to remap a default button to a different button, in this case I'm trying to swap the X and O buttons on my PS3 gamepad.  I did click the buttons in the config and then press the gamepad buttons, and it does work somewhat in Grandia Xtreme.  Can cancel out of menus with circle and select things with X.   However, it won't let me select the saving of the Memory Card option, certain NPC dialogue options cannot be selected, and in battle X does not work at all. 

I've attached some screenshots of what the remapped stuff looks like (in circles).   "WM Keyboard" was created when I pressed O in place of X and vice versa.  It also created a "DX Controller" input at the bottom.  And apparently both X and O became "cross" in the Xinput lines too.

[Image: sZ1oauU.jpg]

[Image: rOJOtvB.jpg]

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1. You should upgrade to 1.5 with the link below.

2. If all your controls are bound with XInput, you should delete that new DirectInput binding and disable the API in the Lilypad options. If you're having further issues with certain buttons, we reccomend most users launch PCSX2 through Steam and use that to interface with the controller.
Thanks. Disable Game Device API DirectInput? I disabled it per your instructions. Will the dev build really matter? I feel like the button swapping might be hardcoded, since Grandia Xtreme had buttons reversed because of Japanese devs.

EDIT: Okay I fixed it! Turns out I forgot that I had also mapped Xpadder and that was causing the other entries to show up. I removed the Xpadder stuff and it works fine now.
On a unrelated note, is it possible to change brightness? stretch widescreen? not 16:9 but almost- I do use widescreen patches but not all games look great 16:9
Brightness can be done through the FX shader (shortcut for that is the Home key, values can be tweaked in GSdx_fx.ini)

As for widescreen patches, not all of them are created equal. Some of them use tricks to give the appearance of widescreen. Not much to do about them besides asking for an improved patch or disable it and reboot.
Apparently trying to get a screenshot results in a black picture. im using opengl software if it matters. is there a program that can handle screengrabs?

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