Button repeats while pushed down?
Hey guys,

I wanted to do a macro where while a button is pushed down, it will repeat itself until i release the button. Is that possible?

I have tried,
1) press and release - this is not what i want, because i want to press down the button and it repeats until i release
2)wait for release - this is also not what i want
3)wait for re-trigger - this is also not what i want

If inputmapper cannot do this, is there any software out there that can do this?

The only controller i found that can do this w/o software is the cheap playmax controller.

I am sorry if this is the wrong area to post this. Please re-direct me if needed.

Tks for any inputs.

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Autoit normally is made to do this. Not sure how compatible it is with xinput though and you need to know how to program in script languages...
My Trust have the ability to set macros(they are not very useful)and 2 turbo modes for every button

Press and hold the turbo button and any other button(for example X),will make the X button enter in "rapid fire mode while pressing and holding the X button"
Doing the same thing again for the same button which is already in turbo mode 1,will enter in turbo mode 2 which act as toggle...pressing once enters in rapid file mode,pressing X again,stop spamming X

And the best thing is,if you set multiple buttons to act "rapid file" mode 1 or 2,to can return all of them to normal by pressing the turbo button twice.

The bad thing about this gamepad is that it is DInput only

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