Buttons doesnt work on bluetooth ds3
This is the only forum i found googling about scpdrivers. Ive tried a ***** of crap a ***** load of times. Im about to throw my computer out my window. 

Ps3 controller works great with with motionjoy or betterds3 but then bluetooth doesnt work. Bluetooth works great on scpserver but then my buttons dont work. No error anywhere all seems fine except that I can see two xbox controllers in the devices menu. 

Ive been trying for days now, getting any decent controller to work on pc. (I would use the wired ps3 contoller if I didnt get bluescreen 10 times a day). 

Im very grateful for help as I cant figure this ***** out. I assume the problem is that its not xinput but I have no clue. I did follow the guide twice, including several reinstallations....

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Hmm. Update. I noticed that the controller does indeed work in some games. I was constantly trying dark souls 2 and it does nothing in that game. But in KOTOR2 it plays just fine...

My controller is set to slot 2. Might be the culprit?

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