Buzz Controller PS2/PS3 Emulation
I've managed to get my wireless Buzz controllers working perfectly with PCSX2, however I want to use the same adapter/controllers with a PS3 emulator. I can get that working using a different driver being loaded.

Has anyone had any success in using the buzz controllers with both PCSX2 (via the USBqemu-buzzR.dll) and a PS3 emulator that needs the driver setting to WinUSB?

I''m considering either running a custom script to load different drivers on game boot, or simply have another adapter running the different driver but that would mean 2 full sets of buzz controllers.


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Yes, I have used the PS2 buzzers on my PS3. You will also be able to use the PS2 versions on the upcoming PS3 Buzz release 'Quiz TV' (although the new wireless ones will be awesome!).
EDIT: Re-read the initial message in the thread and it seems we are in the exact same position. Without changing drivers, this can't be used by both emulators for the wireless controllers.

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