i have been working day and night on this effin pcsx2, it is driving me crazy i got everything going with some pretty high end games but am still haveing a big issue. when i play with the specular highlights setting off it just is horrible
multi colored vertical lines going through the screen impossible to play. now i can turn the setting on and it play fine but with no 2d graphics i guess. can anyone give me any feed back please........

i have also herd that the pcsx2 9.07 or what ever this version is called is still beta. would switching to a older version help.

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PCSX2 0.9.7 is beta but it's also the recommended version to use, 0.9.6 is almost 2 years old I think.

Now if you could tell us the game, your PC specs, pcsx2 settings, plugin settings and show us a screenshot of your problem (what specular highlights setting btw? Tongue2) then maybe we can try to help.
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Try native resolution.

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