Hi all

I have been using FIFA 19 on my PC with one PS4 controller, and that works just fine. I'm using DS4Windows.

I have now bought one more PS4 controller, and would like to play FIFA 19 using two controllers. I can easily connect these two controllers either by cable or bluetooth, and I see them with correct status in the DS4 Windows program.

When I start up FIFA 19 with two PS4 controllers connected, FIFA will not start. When I press play I see the screen for 2-3 seconds and then it shut down.

Do anyone know whether it is possible to play FIFA 19 on PC with two DS4 controllers connected via the DS4 Windows program.

Looking forward to hear from you ?.

Best regards Laurits

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It is possible to FIFA 19 with multiple controllers. You need to have DS4Windows obtain exclusive access to the controllers. This can be done by turning on the "Hide DS4 Controller" option in the DS4Windows settings or by using HIDGuardian to filter out the physical devices as explained. Both processes are explained in detail on the Ryochan7/DS4Windows github repo wiki.

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