Hi all. Am new here and I would really appreciate some help. Am on windows 10 64bit and i have wireless buzz controllers from ps3. I would like to play with them the buzz junior games from ps2 with the pcsx2. Is it possible? And how can I do it? I read a lot and cant make it happen... Firstly, when I put the wireless usb stick from the controllers to pc it installed drivers. Then I installed the pcsx2 1.4. I tried many plugins, I tried many uninstalls and installs. I tried everything I could find on web. Nothing happens I don't see the buzzers anywhere. I read in another thread to start the game even if I don't see the buzzers in plug in devices.  I start the game (buzz junior dino den) and when I must make an option I push the buzzers and nothing happens. Am I missing something? Am I doing anything wrong? Please if anyone can help me I will be obliged.. I am sorry for my poor English..

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