CDVD READ ERROR = 0x000972a3 and more
CDVD READ ERROR = 0x000972a3
and more 0x00097273 83 93
while playing svr 2006

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can you post the emulog.txt and all of your settings?
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Does said disc have scratches?
Redo the image from your disk. There is a pirate copy of the game going around that has data missing.
We wasted some time debugging this once ..
ok here it goes i found this on coolrom and the first time it didnt work so i did it again and it works however after founding all the .pacs and .afses on DVCI it said warning can't load all cache files while on saving date from svr 2006 and then after that its said unknown device host and then it said srd sceopen error = -19
then all of this like i said before has happen while saying cdvd or read time out 15000 and sometimes say src drive error scecdgeterror = 0x1
I guess you don't call your dvd storage coolrom therefore I think what rama said is highly accurate.
Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
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