CDVD READ ERROR, sector = 0x000dad2f
Hi! I'm trying to play kingdom hearts 2 with pcsx2. I had download from *snip*  iso's file and i tried to run it with linuz ISO of pcsx2, no results. I thought that the Iso was corrupted so i tried with other files from other sites, no results, everytime i try it appears a black screen after the logo of playstation2 (and when it appears the pc run 60 fps but without any response, or error's signaling or something like that). I tried to put the ISO in a DVD with IMGBURN, same black screen and same log on the console. i really tried all, what can i try more?

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Quote:i really tried all, what can i try more?

a few suggestions. You can :

1 - Buy the game
2 - Read again the forum rules
3 - Have a warning for piracy
4 - have your thread closed.
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