CDVD pluggin faillure
Hi, when I start the emulator, I get the following message:

"CDVD Plugin CDVDbin.dll: Version 3!=5
Plugin load faillure: plugins\GSsoftdx.dll
SysLibError Message: <NULL>"

I did download the lastest direct x version, reinstalling the emulator, rebooting, etc.

Then I have to configure the emulator and I get a bad allocation error and it closes itself. Anyone has an idea? Thanks.

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Hmm why do I have the feeling you're using REALYYY old version of pcsx2
Nope, the 0.9.6 one

And My computer is practically new, so this isn't the problem either.
well those plugins are out of date, use the ones that came with 0.9.6
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(04-30-2009, 10:02 PM)Psi_Kenaz Wrote: Nope, the 0.9.6 one

I'm saying this because CDVDbin.dll and especially GSsoftdx.dll are really old plugins and I may be wrong but I think the bad allocation error don't appear on 0.9.6.

Did you download the emu from the pcsx2 main site?
Oh well, I guess I did have some wrong plugins. Thanks

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