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CDVD settings
[Image: 8esp.png]

this is what i get when i try me best to uninstall manually+terminal

I mean this really isn't a problem but i would like to get rid of everything, but my main concern atm is when I try to reinstall pcsx2 with that Micove PPA Im not sure whee it goes but im gonna try to install it again now that i did a better job of deleting things

EDIT: so i finally installed it freshly again with the PPA so at the moment I am trying to 'set' the plugins that came with the install and put in my BIOS.

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sorry, I'm not familiar with ubuntu interface, I only use command line.
But using the command I gave you in a terminal, you should be able to get all locations including the installation path.
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for some reason i don't have the same plugins that i should have like linuz for the CDVD but I changed the plugin for GS to one of the other ones and the gamescreen turned black I am about to add a screenshot of the logs.

well well well, leaving the CDVD on null and changing the GS to something else pretty much solved it, I just need to play around with the gamepad for controlls but everythingf seems fine, and sohuld be able to fix any other nittygritty things that come my way.

Thank you and anyone else that helped me I have never seen such immediate support in all my years.

God bless
I'm not familiar with Micove PPA, but Gregory's ppa is the official one.


But I recommend compiling the SVN as you have a 32bit system, so it would be easy to figure out what dependencies you are missing, as I suspect this is what is causing the white screen (as experienced by other users in the past due to missing graphics dependencies, and there seem to be some new ones).

So type in a terminal... svn checkout pcsx2-read-only
Then change to the pcsx2-read-only directory in the terminal. Then type cmake CMakeLists.txt -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Before doing the make and make install...the cmake output should tell you what you are missing.
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