CFF Explorer and RAM usage
I have a question regarding said program in the topic.

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By enabling the highlighted option, will PCSX2 take advantage of more RAM? Or will this do more harm than good? Did a search but couldn't find anything, perhaps I suck at searching. Smile Maybe RAM speed and capacity has nothing to do with great emulation speed. Correct me if I'm wrong...

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This is something I too am curious about.

I don't believe PCSX2 has a memory limit issue (please correct me if i'm wrong), If it does, then I believe it comes into play with upscaling.
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RAM has very little impact on performance in the grand scheme of things.
PCSX2 doesn't typically use much RAM, either.

The highlighted option sounds more like what this does.
It says in the description that it does exactly what you can do with CFF Explorer, and it's created by the same guy, lol. Guess the newbies needed something that is easier to figure out.
This won't help performance.

It won't hurt, though.
Could come in handy in case of a memory leak.
Is there a reason this isn't enabled? It is needed. You can simply enable mem top down then load all the plugins if want to check if any of them break.
the setting enables virtual allocations across the 2GB barrier, not many games come close to it under normal usage. even xenosaga stays below 1GB.
If the emulator is using over 2Gb to emulate a console that requires 32mb, there is something seriously wrong.

I can understand a few hundred meg for each recompiler and possibly a couple of hundred for the GS, but more than 1gb is even a little silly.
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indeed, and its not as if the additional memory use is due to shared texture copies (one of the reasons skyrim uses so much)

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