CG display problem, plz com'in & help
1st, I Must thank every selfless PCSX developer who dedicated their time and effort to benefit the most ungrateful sector of the general public LOL : p

I have a small problem with in game CGs.
Dx10 plugins displays CG with vertical distortions like miss-matched colour gaps, while Dx9 plugins works perfectly ONLY without and graphic enhancement enabled(i.e. AA and Interlace) which means the game play graphics are less then acceptable with neirther my custom reso nor native reso.

I'm not asking for anything beyond original console(my PC is only mid-low ranged) but I just couldn't stand trying again and again to watch Yuna perform sending dance with ghosty graphics.... >.< (I know, it's such a shame when something so beautiful is messed up)

If Any1 has OK game-play graphics that doesn't affect CGs plz let me know what plugins you are using

Many Thanks and have a happy new Year ^_^

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