CG - new dependency
Until about a week ago, I've been able to build every source revision ( w/ VS9. Recently, some dependencies were added such as GLEW and GLUT, so I added them to my build environment. Apparently, I need "CG" as well. What is "CG", and where can I grab the "CG" bin/lib/inc package for Win32?

Also, does the PCSX2 Google Code site have a list of dependencies? If not, that would definitely help.

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I think dependencies used to live in the <sourcedir>\Externals folder. But for some reason, my SVN checkout isn't picking up that folder, or it doesn't exist in the repository.

And I extract glew into the install directory of CG, that way I only have to add one include/lib path.
That works, PCSX2 builds successfully for me again. Thanks! Also, not to complain, but it would be polite to list external dependencies somewhere.

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