CITH game bugs?
Pardon the title. I'm hoping to get through most if not all of the Cat in the Hat game (2003), but in the second level, the bonus level's water rises too fast to beat. And I don't mean I haven't tried other things. I've slowed it down, using cheat engine's speedhack, and it's not possible to win it seems. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? I think you need to 100% the game to get to the last level, so this is a problem (the bonus levels contain magic I think, which counts towards 100%). Additionally, when on Direct3D (seemingly any variant), odd graphical bugs happen in at least one area. GIF of the issue: [Image: t6yupgV.webm]

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Please try to increase ee clamping mode to something like full and/or play with ee rounding modes.

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