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CPU and GPU not using more than 15% but games are running slow
Don't use MTvu, this game is heavy yet not put load on your cpu nor gpu since it suffers from awfully high bandwidth requirements in split screen at least since it's char models which are causing this;p and they're doubled there. For example in BT2 ~ same engine - there are few scenes between battles showing over 6 chars, even top end hardware cannot run that properly;p.
Anyway MTvu is pretty bad for games limited by bandwidth like this, will just make it worse unless you abuse VU cycle stealing as well, but you could also use only VU cycle stealing for same result at lower cost.

Make note through that VU cycle stealing while will actually should speed the game up a bit, will also cause an actual slowdown to the game, hence even at full fps it'll be still slower than it should be.

Generally without decent non-mobile hardware you can forget about totally enjoyable splitscreen in this game.

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