CPU and SSE3 problem
Hi guys!

im new in using this app, tried to play my FFX on my computer (laptop)...but i got a problem...my CPU:AMD athlon X2 dualcore ql-60
In pcsx2/config/CPU shows me that my CPU supports the SSE3, but when i try to run my FFX with SSE3 it just can't, it says that my CPU dosent support that, but it does.....i can play the game with SSE2 but it's kind a slow TongueTongue

amd athlon x2 dualcore ql-60
ati mobility hd 3200
2gb ram

please healp!

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There gsdx ssse3 and no sse3 in the world except the hack.
There gsdx ssse3 and no sse3 in the world except the hack.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
SSE3 or SSSE3? I have AMD 7750, wich support SSE3 and SSE4A but not SSSE3 and SSE4.1. Maybe you didn't read right?
Doesn't matter if u render with GPU i guess..won't make much differences..
It would only makes a lot of difference when render with CPU
that AMD does not support SSSE3 at all.
it stays up to SSE2.
even you scan it using CPU-Z
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None of the AMD processors have SSSE3.
GSdx plugin is more compatible with Intel CPU's
The only GSdx plugin version compatible with AMD cpu's is the SSE2 version.
I also play PS2 on my laptop.

My suggestions are Use the lowest resolution on the GSDX plugin. Use Speedhacks(all of them,haven't tried this on ffx though). And try to run it in DirextX 9 or 10 and check your frames(9 must be in windowed mode)

Overclock itSmile though this is a bad idea for a laptopSmile
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