CPU for PSX2 -i5 2500 (non k) or AMD FX-4100/6100
I am about to upgrade my system and i was looking for PSX2 compatible pc.So what cpu I should go for??
i5 2500 (non k) or AMD FX-4100/6100.

I was on phenom x6 1090t+4870 but the speed in games were not constant..while my friend had i7 870 and psx2 worked smoothly for himAngry.Then i came to know its sse 4.1 that helps..

So i5 2500 will be good or amd FX-4100 or fx-6100??I think they all have sse4.1 but they dont have hyper threading..So help me in choosing one..


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why non k?

fyi, 1090T IS faster core per core than FX4100 and FX6100
(01-23-2012, 08:39 PM)naoan Wrote: why non k?

fyi, 1090T IS faster core per core than FX4100 and FX6100
Coz i am not into much overclocking stuff..
1090t may be faster but it does not have sse 4.1..I think its what backhold in psx2..
So which cpu to go??
and 2500 beat 1090T handily in most case

so how do you weave that?

and you think wrong about sse and whatnot btw
So how does intel gets benefit in psx2??
Simply by having a much faster microarchitecture
(01-23-2012, 09:27 PM)naoan Wrote: Simply by having a much faster microarchitecture

so shall i go for i5 2500??
yes, without a doubt though you may want the K and the accompanying overclockable motherboard for future proofing, overclocking has become crazy easy with sandy bridge it isn't even funny.
If you were to go Thuban I would take the 1100T for slightly more cause of the massively reported optimizations with the IMC and such over the 1090T, but since you aren't really overclocking... I suppose the 1090T would do (but lower stock speed!).

SSE 4.1 is NOT the cause of normal speed vs below normal speed (unless we're talking NTSC 58 FPS vs 60 FPS on the SAME CPU), Nehalem and Sandy Bridge architecture have higher IPC, though in multithreaded applications taking advantage of more than 4 cores then the 6 core Thuban may pull ahead of the i5 2500 depending on application, but since PCSX2 does not use more than 3 cores (SW mode is GSdx NOT PCSX2) the i5 2500 is the faster choice for what you are asking for. This is assuming you have a decent GPU or that will bottleneck BOTH of those CPUs, at least a HD 6670 or higher or equivalent from nVidia, do NOT, EVER, use the Intel HD 2000/3000 IGP for ANYTHING besides MS Paint.

i5 2500.
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Get the 2500k. It's so easy to OC it's ridiculous, you literally change one value in the BIOS to get 4 Ghz in a snap. Don't need to know anything to do it either, it just works
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