CPU potentially throttling?
So I just got ratchet and clank working reasonably fine, but I've got a few issues I'm hoping a few of you guys could help me with.

the only game i have tested is ratchet and clank 2, and it seems like sometimes the game just lags behind with the video, or just flat out lags. It is also messing up some of the textures, I think this had to do with the presets that I am using though but if you could help me with it that would be great.

I think the main problem is that my CPU is just not using all of its processing power, I've got an AMD-6300 clocked at 3.6Gghz, and have 8gb 1600mhz of RAM, with a radeon 7850 2gb clocked at 1ghz. Now I went looking in the amd vision control centre and as part of power saving, my cores are severely clocked down at just 300mhz for the gpu, and 1500mhz for the cpu, and when put under load these do crank up, but only under heavy load, which im guessing it doesn't think it needs to use for the emulator.

Just wondering if anyone knows a workaround this, the game does run fine, but it is choppy and as I said the textures do get all jacked up.

Thanks for any help guys, and If you need more details on my system or config just ask, thanks.

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The cores all clocking down is normal, both Intel and AMD CPU's/APU's do that, it's called Cool'n'Quiet for AMD and something else for Intel, but both generally do the same thing. Usually you can manually disable these if you'd like in the BIOS, but I know from experience with AMD chips you can manually do it from the AMD Catalyst Control Center as well.

Ratchet & Clank games, last I checked, have issues on the emulator. I think they need a lot of CPU power, so if you can spare it, try to OC that CPU a bit, at least 4 Ghz or so.

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