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I was looking at some specs for a game and the only thing that maybe a problem is my cpu. My CPU is a intel pentium e5400 2.7GHz and the requirements asked for at least a Intel Core2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHz.
I looked them both up and compared and the only difference more or less was the fact that it had 4mb more cache then mine.

So my question is how much weaker is my cpu as during winter i can OC it to 4.0GHz and during summer i can go 3.5GHz. Also would a good gpu make up for the lack of power of a cpu in a game since my gpu is way stronger then it needs to be to play this upcoming game.

Also sorry in advanced as this isn't a PCSX2 question. I just didn't know of any other trusted computer sites with such smart people on it.

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A good GPU is definitely important with emulation, but won't always make up for lacking CPU power as most games have CPU bottleneck. You have to look at EE and GS % ratings at the top of the screen when in an intensive area of a game to figure out more info.

I'm amazed you can get the E5400 up to 4 GHZ. For me at 3.2 GHZ, I would always have to reset my CMOS. Tongue

Here is a decent basic website for video card benchmark info.


Pretty much any Nvidia card that has GTX in its name or Radeon card that has 2nd digit of 8 or 9 (of 4 digits ID...ex AMD Radeon 6950) is a good buy. Ebay has plenty of good used deals of people selling there gently used cards.
Nvidia would be a better choice (given AMD specs are identical) because nvidia usually provides raw speed while AMD relies on driver optimization (which I doubt PCX2 can benefit from).
Ok well maybe I wasn't clear I am not asking about what parts to buy but I am asking about weather or not my cpu could hold its own against that cpu I mentioned. I also stated about the graphics card because I was wondering if having a graphic card like geforce 210 that was more then what was needed for the game I want to play would be able to make it easier on the cpu by being stronger then whats needed. Thus having power left over to do more.

and besides the PCSX2 works nearly perfectly on my computer so I am not even worrying about that.
Your CPU is fine, even with the reduced cache. At 4.0Ghz it will play most games at full speed all of the time.
3.5Ghz is still enough for full speed except in particularly demanding situations.

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