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CPU usage drops to nearly 0%
If i were you I'd find a friend who has a similar power adapter and first try it out with that, in case it's something else and you waste your money...
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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I wish I could, but since I'm away from home that's not possible. Sad To be honest though I was rather disturbed when I heard that ticking noise I mentioned. So, I'm going to buy a new cable just to be safe, and if it doesn't solve my performance issues then I will just have to continue searching...

Thank you for your concern tho bud. In fact, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone when has posted suggestions. They have been extremely helpful and I'm very grateful, Blyss Sarania in particular.
I noticed that the guy who made the video I posted also made a thread. I thought I would post the link in the hopes that it might help identify my/our problem.

If anyone knows this guy I'd love to know if he managed to fix this problem!

PS. In his thread he posted a link to a driver on the dell website, he said fixed the issue for him (until he updated windows). The link was down when I clicked it but, through checking the address it seems to be for this. Again, I'm posting this info in the hopes that who knows more than I can identify my problem. I'm getting pretty desperate. Sad

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