CPU usage in pcsx2
once again, great work with v0.9.6, it's awesome, thanks guys. Smile

just a quick question...from what i understand, pcsx2 only uses a maximum of 2 cores. i'm using a quad-core myself, so my cpu monitor software in windows is showing roughly 50% (give or take a little) while in-game (makes sense so far).

here's the bit i don't fully understand -> i'm not exactly sure what's going on with the cpu usage in the title bar on the main pcsx2 window.

- it doesn't represent overall CPU usage (all software), otherwise it would match my CPU monitor or the windows task manager CPU monitor. for example, when pcsx2 is at 75%, windows is at 50% - when pcsx2 is at 1%, windows is at 25%, etc
- so, if it doesn't reflect this, perhaps it reflects CPU usage for just 2 cores? this doesn't seem to be the case either. if it was, i would imagine when my CPU monitor shows 50%, pcsx2 would show 100%.
- for some reason, during visually complicated scenes where "fps" drops down significantly, the CPU usage in pcsx2 only hits say 75% or so. shouldn't it be at 100% to try and make up for the slow down?

if someone could explain to me exactly what's going on, that'd be sweet. thanks a lot for your help folks. Smile

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It is core load of GS plugin thread, that obtained from OS. You should ignore this number, if you are not aware of modern OS structure.
hey man - no, i'm not up to date with how it all works, but i'm curious. could you explain it to me if it's not too much trouble, or show me where i can read about it?
the cpu usage that is shown in pcsx2 is the amount that the graphics plugin uses Smile
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