Call of Duty 3 FPS
Hello , i config PCSX2 9.7 r3113 select ISO and run
When loading 1 mission is FPS under 5!
I running on DX9 HW

ATI radeon HD 3850
Processor AMD Athlon x64 dual core 2,61GHZ
RAM 6gb
OS : Win Vista x64 bit

Thx for help!

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It seems to be the game that has an issue, otherwise you should at least get 20 FPS with that hardware.

Try another ISO and see if you get better results.
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PCSX2 FTW! Biggrin
In version 9.6 it load in 20FPS and then crash
Now loading 2FPS and cant load (i must downlaod other ISO ? )

Other reason to this problem ? (or i must download new ISO.)
nope, you need to buy the original game, and read the forum rules.
warned & closed
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