Call of Duty 3 freeze
Hello, I am new here. I have a problem with game Call of Duty 3. When I start first mission, the game freeze, but I still hear sound. I tried run the game at Software mode and the graphic isn´t destroyed now, but in the first mission, the picture is still freeze, but I hear sound. My game runs around 20 FPS in that mission, but in menu and loading videos 60 FPS. Can I somehow fix this problem or I must wait to new version of PCSX2?

(Sorry for my bad English, I learn this language). Smile

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That game is rough. Seriously. Software mode is the only way to go with the current beta (0.9.7), but even then it seems to take one hell of a clock rate.

Post your system specs. We might just be able to call it a day. Smile
OK, here they are:

Intel Core 2 CPU (2,4 GHz)
NVidia GeForce 9800 GT (1 GB)
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

Anyway, game is working at emulator in this mod or not? I mean, can I play normal single campaigh?

Hey, your PC isn't horrible. Smile Your CPU is just a little slow in general, but that's what Speedhacks are for. When your PC is the issue (or CPU, rather).

Unfortunately, your PC is not the issue here. See my specs in my sig? Still not full speed. This is something to be worked out on the devs' end, not so much the user's. A future revision (or a massive OC) are the only ways to play this game.

EDIT: I guess I should say "emulate this game", but you get the idea. Smile
Yes, my CPU isn´t best, but all the games, what are on PC, running great. I plan buy new CPU, but soon not.

OK, but you don´t still aswered on my question: So, can I play this game now or not? Problems with full speed not interested me, but with playing the game. This game working on your PC? Could you try to emulate this game? Smile

And what is OC?
The answer is pretty much "no", you really shouldn't bother trying to play this game with the current revision of the emulator. Sorry. Sad

OC is overclock. That's when you raise your CPU clock rate (Ghz) by adjusting it's settings in BIOS. It can be very benefitial for PCSX2, but I can just about guarantee you that you're CPU will never reach a high enough clock rate to run this game remotely well (again, with the current revision).
OK, thats a pity. Call of Duty 3 is good game. I hope they somehow fix this problem soon as possible, I am glad play this game. Sad

NASCAR 2008 and 2009 series have no price try emulate, it didn´t work.

Ah, thanks for help, man. I´m going to play SMACKDOWN VS RAW 2011. Smile
Hmmm. I don't mean to go off topic, but what kind of speed do you get with that game (SVR 2011)?
Very well, max. 50 FPS. Under 40 FPS it doesn´t get. I am really enjoyed that game, it was my first game on this emulator PCSX2. Smile

When I set max. 40 FPS, picture is to slow and voice too much fast. When I set max. 60 FPS, picture is too fast and voice to much slow.

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