Call of Duty 3 is running very slow

So I got a problem,  when I'm playing at Call of Duty 3 on PCSX2, the game is running very slowly. I can't figure this out. I must use the SW mode because HW in DX11 gives me a black screen and DX9 in HW is running with huge graphics problems. 

Can anyone provide me the good settings to at least play at 30fps. It seems like SW is the setting that I got to use but it's running so bad...
And just in case, I got the latest version of PCSX2 and my NVIDIA drivers are also up to date.

PC Specs:

OS: Windows 10 Professional x64
CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K 3.50Ghz
GPU: GTX 970
The ISO is located on a SSD

If you guys need more information let me know.

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