Call of Duty 5

I was wondering if anybody had managed to run this game.

I get past the activision screen, then the next one which says rebellion, and then a black screen while the frame count keep on going up, so it seems it would be a graphical problem when getting into the game.

I can still see the FPS indicator at 73-74, the CPU is at 34% so everything seems to be OK, but black screen...

I use right now the GSDX 1873 SSE3 01.15 on pcsx2 r1888

On this same config i got resident evil to run quite well at 40-45 fps Smile

Thanks for the help

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According to the compatibility list, most call of duty games aren't playable...

It's very likely that 5 as well is currently not working yet.
[Image: 2748844.png]

Got it running Smile FPS are dreadful (10-12) in the game and there is a black bar covering about 40% pf the screen.

One thing is strange

PCSX2 tells me I use 99% CPU and when i look at procexplorer I'm only using 55%, is there a setting for the multicore processors that shold be enabled in PCSX2 ?

I have a core duo T7500


PS : I made a screenshot from the game but I don't know how to post pics in the forum, if someone tells me I'll post the pic so you can see the figures I'm mentioning about CPU usage...
PCSX2 doesn't tell you your overall CPU usage, it tells you how much CPU usage on the single core that runs the graphics plugin. If it's at 90%+ that means your GPU is too slow for that game.
[Image: 2748844.png]
AH, Ok I understand, thanks for the info, i'll try on another more powerful computer...

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