Call of Duty WaWFF awful performance
Hi all, newbie here Smile

My rig hasn't had an upgrade for a few years, but its specs were decent so it still keeps up with most stuff: Core Quad Q6600 (2.4Ghz, SSSE3), 4Gb DDR2, Radeon 3650 512mb (DX9), Win 8 x64.

I had a PS2 (two, actually) back about ten years ago but it was usurped by my Xbox, so there are a few exclusive games I'd like to play, one of which is CodWaWFF, which I understand is a very different game built on a different engine and what not. The first game I tried with PCSX2 was Bully which is near perfect... Occasional slowdown in busy hallways but not bad at all.

Anyway, the performance in CoD is really terrible whenever there's another human on screen... I sat through the 7-9 FPS intro section until I was able to move around and look away from the people, and it's fine then. I've tried running the preset all the way to 5, and performance is identical just with really broken character models. None of the readouts at the top of the window (EE, GS etc) are anywhere near 100%, most hovering around 10-20%. The EE in particular seems to start off in the 70% area, but drops down as the camera pans round to show some people. I've tried in both the stable 1.0 release and the latest SVN version as of yesterday, identical. The thread here seems to indicate it runs perfectly with no hacks, and I've seen a video of this game running at 720p, so I'm worried my machine has finally met its match :/

The only other game I've tried is Dogs Life which besides a whole load of graphical glitches, seems to run fairly well also.

Any suggestions for specific hacks/settings that might help it out? Or any idea what piece of hardware might be the limiting factor? I've read that DX10/11 provides better compatibility etc, is it worth picking up a cheap DX11 card?

Also, completely unrelated question, but should I be able to run PSX games in PCSX2? The console window indicates it's setting some sort of PSX mode, and I sometimes see the PSX logo after the boot animation but then it's just a blank screen. I've only tried a couple of the games I still own, for example the South Park game which runs fine on PCSXbox. No biggy but it'd be nice to have it working!

Thanks for any help Smile
-- wedders

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Call of Duty games have skyhigh GS usage, especially in cutscenes. Nothing can help, even MTVU.

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