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Call of duty 3 Hardware mode
Does call of duty 3 already works on hardware mode ? I saw on another post that i have to enable: -hardware depth, but i can not find this option on plugin settings...
what i am doing wrong ?
I am using the latest dev build and opengl hardware mode sse3, my config is: fx 8350, 12gb ram, gtx 1070...

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Hardware depth is enabled by default (you have to use the OpenGL hardware renderer) in the latest dev build.
I Think i am still doing doing something wrong then ?

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I'm not sure the game has been fixed, but enabling/maximising every option in the GSdx menu will likely make it worse rather than better.
Unless that's Call of Duty 2, the graphics should be fine once you go in-game.

Edit: Nevermind, I was wrong.
here is a ingame screenshot with different settings.
so it should work on hardware mode or only on software mode (unplayble for me due my cpu  Laugh  )
Thanks for the quick reply guys  Smile

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The graphics will only work correctly on SW mode, which may be too taxing on your CPU.
(01-28-2018, 12:54 AM)CK1 Wrote: The graphics will only work correctly on SW mode, which may be too taxing on your CPU.

Yes you are right it does not run very well on my CPU on software mode...
Is this bug ( call of duty 3 will have heavy graphics glitches on hardware mode ) already reported ?
I could use a GSdump of the issue in-game:

I'm looking into a similar issue, so maybe I can fix both.
I have a raw dump from CO2 Big Red One somewhere on my hard drive. Let me find it.

Edit: Found a GS dump on my hard drive instead.

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.7z   COD2_BRO_gsdump.7z (Size: 6,07 MB / Downloads: 225)

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