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Can DX12/Vulkan/Low-Level API's help, potentially, increase the speed of emulation?
SO,as the title suggests,can low level API's like the incoming Dx 12 and Vulkan somehow help increase the performance/speed of emulation?basically can they help better PCSX2?I know little about emulation,but i suspect the answer is going to be a staunch "no". Although, i think i read somewhere that Ben vanik,the creator of the WIP xbox 360 emulator xenia,said that these API's could help increase the performance of his emulator,but then that's a completely different scenario isn't it?For one,Xbox 360 emulation requires a lot more power and there are more Cpu cores to emulate as well.

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search is your friend this has been ask and answered
Yep another one of these threads. Think I close it.
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