Can I dump PS2 BIOS using Eprom programmer
Hi guys

Newbie here wanting to try PCSX2

First thing I wanted to know is can I read the BIOS chip from a scrap PS2 using my TL866A Eprom Progammer?
I have experience using that to read and reprogram other BIOS already, eg PC motherboards that will not boot at all, GPU BIOS chips etc.  I have no problem with desoldering the old BOIS if necessary.

Once I read a BIOS chip I get a ROM or BIN file which is the same size as the Eprom capacity.  Is that what I need for PCSX2?


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For PCSX2 you need only .BIN file, which you got from PS2 BIOS dump. Check it with .DAT file for PS2 BIOSes from Redump and if your file valid - place it in "bios" folder and select in "Config" -> "Plugin/BIOS Selector".

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