Can I get PS prompts in Unity while using DS4Windows?
This application is almost perfect; but now that several games use PS button prompts as intended I'd like a way to launch games like Unity and Far Cry 4 without disabling or turning off DS4Windows. Is this possible? Is there a profile setting that would allow games to recognize the DS4 as a DS4 and not an xbox controller automatically? In other words I'd like AC Unity & far cry 4 to be able to use the DS4 touchpad AND display PS button prompts; when I launch those games now with DS4Windows running everything works fine but there are xbox button prompts. If I close DS4Windows and pair the controller natively with Windows 8.1 then these games show PS button prompts but I lose the touchpad capibility.

Also has anyone found replacement DualShock 4 buttons that resemble the xbox ones? As I don't have a playstation I figure that would solve all the problems; I have no need for the PS hieroglyphs!

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