Can I make more than one config to my Pad buttons???
Biggrin Hi, I'm JusabaR... well that's my "game tag". 
I have a question, and if you know the request pls let me know.

Can I make more than just one configuration for my Pad settings?
Look, the thing is; Is so bad have to do always a config when I open another game, I play on the keyboard and mouse so, is not like I put a controller and play with it where every button is where have to, you know what I mean? When I play Amm by example Need for Speed games, I use one config in my Pad, but if I want to play... God of War games I have to change from 0 the setting of my entire Pad buttons, so, Can I make more than one configuration for my Pad button settings, and if yes, how can I do it?

Isn't being bad with PCSX2 work but, in the emulator of PS3, you can create a completely different settings in every game... That's so useful because if you play on the keyboard and you play Need for Speed you can make a complete config to that game and if you sometime after wants to play God of War you can just change by game so easy because you don't need to make a new config from 0. (doesn't know if this breaks a Rule if does it sorry but that is the truth)

If you know how can I do it please say it.
I... well every player needs to know how to if is possible... if it's not possible then pls PCSX2 workers add.

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