Can I play Shadow Hearts Any with this SPECS ??
Hi guys what shadwow hearts is Playable ???
1,2 convenant or other..

HEre is my Specs

Core 2 duo e4500 @2.2 ghz ( Overclock to 3.2ghz )
2gb Ram
Gt220 ( overclock @ GPU CLOCK @ 800mhz / Procie CLock @ 1740mhz / Memory @ 1160mhz )

Can i play With Playble FPS ??? THanks Smile)

Also Can you suggest some game playable with this games..

I have cd final fantasy XII playable with almost 60fps
but Final Fantasy Cerberus is Very SLOW..

I want to buy my Friends CD so Can you please suggest me some games. with these specs thanks ^___^

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Your gpu + maybe cpu to bottleneck for many games but yes you able to play this game at playable speed.
Core i3 9100f 3.6Ghz
nvidia GT 1030
pcsx2 version-1.3.1  

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Thanks Smile) i just want to know before buying the game from my friend Smile. . . .

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