Can I play original games in DVD?
I'm new to the emulator, I have several original PS2 dvd games and a DVD reader. But how can I make my PC reads that original DVD and play the games without doing a image of those games? Is possible?

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yes. gigaherz DVD will let you play directly from your drive
Use the CDVD plugin Gigahertz
Config=>Plugins\Bios Selector=>Plugins=>CDVD=>select Gigahertz=>Configure=>Set the drive letter for the DVD drive=>hit the okeys and then
CDVD=>Plugin=>System=>Boot CDVD Fast or full

But it's better to make image of the game...less loading time and your disk wont "fry"
It works perfectly, but as you say, it fries the DVD. How can I make an image of the game? Will not like to lose my DVD's.
Use ImgBurn,it's requires from 2 to 4 clicks max
Works as a charm!! Thanks guys!

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