Can I reduce some blood/lightning effects in Bloody Roar 4?
First I want to say thank you to our admirable dev team. I've just come back with my old PC and noticed a huge improvement in performance. Great jobs sirs, keep up the good work! 

My current problem is about BR4, although my rigs can run Bloody Roar 4 full speed (60FPS) with 3xNative resolution, but every time I play as Nagi or Xion, when I change to Beast Form, fps drops to ~35! Reducing resolution does help, but even at 1xNative, shader off, filter off, allow 8-bit, I can only get ~52FPS. EE and GS are both always below 80%. I'm using PCSX2 v1.4.0, preset 3, dont know which fix/hack to try.

The game has a lot of lightning and blood effects, which I find a little redundant, so I wonder if I can remove (skip drawing) those effects to get some FPS?

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Did you try latest git? There is a fast texture invaldiation hack that can help.
Note 8 bits texture isn't always faster.
Such a nice feature there. Does not fix my problem though. But it's so useful and I will surely need it some other time. When will the stable v1.5.0 come out? Btw, I think a built-in benchmark might come in handy, how do you think about it?

I guess I just have to "ban" those 2 characters for the time being. My pc can run 2-3xNative smoothly with other characters anyway.

1.4 was done this year. Future release won't be this year.

Quote:Btw, I think a built-in benchmark might come in handy, how do you think about it?
I already have a way to profile/bench gs dump. I don't think we need more.
You can try using skip draw from the gsdx hacks option. Start with a value of 1 and move higher, that will remove some stuff from the game but probably make it faster.

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