Can I run PCSX2?
My PC specs are :
Pentium D 915 2.8GHZ
1.5gb Ram
nVidia geForce 8400GS 512MB

I mainly play DBZ : Budokai Tenkaichi 3
I getchoppy graphics around 30 FPS and the screen flickers alot
I tried other versions of GSDX like 1.5 and ZeroGZ KOSMOS

Is there anyway i can Increase performance or Should I buy a new
Plz help Sad

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DBZBT3 is an extremely graphical and CPU intensive game. Most likely your draw back here is your graphics card, as well as your CPU? I'm not sure how good the Pentium D chips were. Also, to get better playback, having DirectX10 helps a lot.
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If I use my dual boot to get Windows 7 would play better?
Cuz it fine at 30 fps mainly i want eliminate the flickering and maintain framrate and Should I try over clocking would it help?
Anyother cool rpg/fps that can run on my PC
I think this game takes good advantage from DX10, other games to run in your machine try this list maybe PentiumD isnt good but some of those games you might be able to play.
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Thanks Shadow
I'll try Naruto

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