Can I run PCSX2 properly?
Hi, I'm having problems running Persona 4 on my new computer. The sound is slowed down and the graphics are laggy as well. Animated cutscenes run perfectly. It stays at 40-50fps, and only stays at 60 during loading screens. Here is my system information:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
AMD Athlon II X4 645 (Quad Core)
AMD 760G

I'm not really experienced with emulation outside of GBA and NDS, but I followed the guide and I believe I configured everything properly.

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Persona 4 lags means the CPU is a bit weak. AMD PC's were always a bit slower than Intel's one. Tongue2 Download the new PCSX2 here :PCSX2 SVN

Did you try some Reccomended Speedhacks.
Also, try Changing the VU mode (both VU0 and VU1) to SuperVU and Enable Automatic Gamesfixes. Try Enabling the MTVU Hack in Speedhacks section (as your CPU is quad-core it may give a boost). Change the power plan mode to High Performance for using the 100% raw power of the PC. Smile
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I tried all of those, but the FPS remains the same. I think it might be my graphics card that's holding me back. It's not really the best on the market.
It's sure bet as that 760G is some strange integrated chipset that can get a boost from combining with 3000 series gpu, but without anything it's not really ment for games, an office ment chip, too slow for anything. Even among it's series 760G is the slowed down version, built for power saving.
Hard to find info about it, but with 350mhz clock, you can't really expect miracles. You probably already playing at native res and tried "allow 8 bit textures", and it's not much more you could do. Potentially setting custom res below native could give a bit too, but playing rpg with hard to read dialogues isn't really a fun experience. Buy a dedicated gpu prefferably something fairy new with DDR5 memory and you'll see a world of difference.

I can't really guess why somebody would buy an over 3ghz cpu with 6 gb of ram and no dedicated GPU at all. Unless yet another person cheated by good marketing over pre-build crap;P.

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