Can I use a gamecube controller?
I was curious if I could use my gamecube adapter (the wii u one, it works for dolphin) for PCSX2. I'll link a video on how I got it to work for dolphin here.

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PCSX2 doesn't support it natively, but there are programs that can make it behave like a regular gamepad.
That's kind of wrong. In order to use it with PC in the first place you need some type of adapter. Said adapter will have drivers for Windows and it will appear as a normal USB gamepad which PCSX2 will happily recognize. Based on the way in the video I'm not sure if it will work or not though. Depends on how that setup is working and whether it appears as a normal HID or not.
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I looked up more videos on it and it doesn't seem like it is as easily recognized as different adapters are. Not sure why but ill probably get the Mayflash adapter which seems easier to hook up with pc and emulators.
The GameCube adapter for Wii-U isn't officially supported on anything that isn't a Wii-U, so there are no drivers. The video shows installing a sort of passthrough driver that allows the program and adapter to communicate directly, but that requires that the program explicitly support it. Without that, the adapter will just show up as an unknown device. There are drivers that make it appear as a regular HID, but I don't know of any specifically.
Yeah Dolphin has built in support for the Adapter thats why it works perfectly there but It doesn't show up as a normal HID device on windows.
There are drivers that make it show up as a standard device. I've used it with N64 emulators like that.

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