Can I use keyboard and controller at the same time?
Hi I can't seem to be able to use keyboard and controller at the same time to play with friends I hope someone finds a solution for this, thank you.

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Works fine here...I set PAD1 to my gamepad and set PAD2 to my keyboard.
If you want to use the gamepad and the keyboard on the same PAD,you have to enable "Allow binding multiple PS2 controls to one PC control"

Try using different Keyboard API if nothing else helps
I can't play with mĂșltiple controllers and the keyboard
Ok lets start from the beginning.
1.What gamepad device are you using(generic,xbox,ps,or something else)
2.What controller plugin are you using...lilypad or something else
Lilypad 0.10 and a xbox gamepad and a generic one and I also want to use the keyboard but I can't any help? I tried using the multitap option but it doesn't work

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