Can My Laptob run PCSX2
Hello Iam New Member and i need help (my english is bad)
can my laptop run pcsx2 and play games great like ffx and granturismo

my laptop is
cpu:core2Duo @2.4GHZ
VGA:3650HD With 512VRAM

so Please Help Me Becuse I Dump Bios From My PS2 And ICant Play Games With PCSX2 Idont Know Why Is It From My Laptop or from config

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What game?What plugins?
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it obviously comes from your config
FFX should work whereas GT4 doesn't work well right now
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you need to be more specific.. how exactly is it not working? does it give you an error? what error? etc.

your computer CAN run pcsx2 games, just not at full speed.
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