Can PCSX2 natively crop garbage pixels?
Again, this is a problem I found in "18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker" (NTSC/U).

I got some screenshots below. The approximately 640 * 32 (? not sure the exact number) pixels rectugular area from the bottom, I think it's the "garbage" that is not supposed to be seen on screen, and
    1) it makes the black bar at the bottom to be seen (in the first screenshot),

    2) though not obvious in these 640 * 512 screenshots, it makes the image a liitle bit vertically squeezed and the icon/button's aspect ratio not right in the final output which is resized to be 4:3 (640 * 480 maybe?).

[Image: ps-1.png]

[Image: ps-2.png]

[Image: ps-3.png]

[Image: ps-4.png]

As a comparison, here are some screenshots from Dreamcast which has a perfect port of the game from NAOMI, these are 640 * 480 and the AR is correct.

[Image: dc-1.png]

[Image: dc-2.png]

[Image: dc-3.png]

[Image: dc-4.png]

I know this can be workarounded with zoom or screen adjustment case-by-case, but since the actual PS2 console crops the extra pixels automatically and output the image right, I'm wondering if it's possible that PCSX2 can do the same naitively?

Anyway, its a trivial issue. So if it requires too much work to add this feature to PCSX2, just ignore my post. Tongue

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