Can PCSX2 tell me what file (on dvd/iso) is being accessed/loaded?
hello, ok so i have not really used PCSX2 much and am a noob, but i need some kind of ps2 emulator which will tell me what files of the eg. ISO or DVD are currently being accessed/loaded.
(eg. a message from the emulator telling me that it is/has loaded 'system.cnf'.. then the file 'SLUS_354.83' next ..) .. etc

is this possible with PCSX2 please anyone? if not, i need to make a request for this new feature Happy ps. i was hoping for this feature to help with disk/iso rebuilding, or testing when a crash occurs (ie. you could see which file caused the crash), etc...

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No there is not but you can enable logging of dvd reading sectors, on the console Log menu
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